Credits for material used on this site.
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All the text posted by the Audiophools owners is our original work, unless explicitly stated otherwise in a post - in which case the material will be credited and where possible a link will be provided to the source site.

Many images used to create or inspire the category icons are from the site, which hosts images contributed by its users for anyone to use, without payment or even a credit. Credit is definitely due to that the site and its users - thank you!

Some images may be from Wikipedia under the Creative Commons license. Links to the pages containing these and their authors credits are posted in any article these are used in.

Any other photos that are not our own work should also have appropriate credits and links back to the original pages.

Manufacturer and organisation names, trademarks and logos are acknowledged to be their intellectual property and are used strictly to make it easier for users of this site to locate the appropriate categories to discuss that manufacturer or organisations products or services.

Categories relating to a single business or organisation will normally include an informational "sticky" post with a direct link to that entity, unless the business no longer exists.

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